Quality Guidelines Training

The Kansas Enrichment Network, in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), offers a free, online training for afterschool educators. Participants can receive 3.0 clock hours.
Required Documents:

Afterschool_Program_Guide FINAL 10-4-11-1_Page_01

Kansas Afterschool Program Quality Guidelines and Self-Assessment Tools

core compt

Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals

Quality Observation Worksheet

Reflections and Goal Setting Form




Get Started


Contact your program director or administrator to schedule an observation of an afterschool program.


Use the Quality Observation Worksheet to record notes and comments during site visit.


Use your notes to complete the Reflections and Goal Setting Form post-site visit.

Obtain Supervision

Schedule meeting with supervisor or program director to share thoughts post-observation


Share your goals and reasoning during the meeting.

Proof of Supervision

Have your supervisor sign and date the Reflections and Goal Setting Form.

When all prior steps are completed, send a copy of your Reflections and Goal Setting Form to Marcia Dvorak at mjdvorak@ku.edu.

Two signatures are required to authorize completion; staff observer and supervisor/program director.

If sending your document through mail:
Marcia Dvorak
Kansas Enrichment Network
1617 St. Andrews Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66047

Additional Documents

AIR Social and Emotional Learning Afterschool Toolkit