Deadline August 31, 2018

Award Varies


Kansas Leadership Center Leadership Transformation Grants


Each year, the Kansas Leadership Center provides 1,500 scholarships to civically engaged organizations across the state to participate in KLC’s leadership programs. This is one way we work toward developing stronger, healthier, more prosperous communities throughout our state.

We’re seeking partners for our 2019 Leadership Transformation Grants who aspire to spread a culture of leadership through their organization or community. These grants allow participation into KLC’s core programs, which teach that leadership is an activity — not a position — and that anyone within an organization can exercise leadership effectively. These programs offer a framework by which organizations can share a common language and skills to approach their challenges.


Eligible organizations are those that: 1) Have individuals who have already experienced KLC’s leadership training, 2) Show an ability to recruit 20-40 participants into KLC leadership training, 3) Have the support of senior authority to spread a culture of leadership throughout their organization.

Some types of groups we could imagine applying:

Education: School districts, school support organizations, school boards Community-minded business organizations: Civic clubs, business associations, chambers, rotary clubs Government: City, Count, State entities Nonprofits: Community foundations, coalitions, United Ways, Faith: Churches, district level entities, collaborative faith alliances