The Importance of Afterschool Program Funding – Emma J. Tryon

Jan 25, 2017 | Advocacy

Emma J. Tryon

Valley Heights High School

Afterschool programs provide essential needs to students after the regular school day comes to an end. I have experienced this firsthand. In grade school, I attended both an afterschool and summer program and now, I work in those same programs. Through this I have experienced the benefits these programs provide. They establish a safe environment that is supervised by qualified staff. Programs assist in developing socialization and 21st century skills, along with time for recreation with their peers. Education is a main focus for students enrolled in afterschool programs. Many of these students have shown significant progress in their education. In this paper, information is obtained from reputable sources including the National Center for Education Statistics, a part of the US Department of Education, a research study from Chicago’s The Youth Project, a report from the Afterschool Alliance, and another from the only afterschool federal funding program, 21st CCLC. Through these sources and through my own experiences we will establish the importance of funding afterschool programs.

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