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Award $50,000


Hearst Foundation


The Hearst Foundations are national philanthropic resources for organizations and institutions working in the fields of Education, Health, Culture and Social Service. Our goal is to ensure that people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives. The charitable goals of the Foundations reflect the philanthropic interests of William Randolph Hearst


The Foundations do not fund:

  • Organizations operating outside the United States
  • Organizations with an operating budget under $1 million
  • Organizations involved in publishing, radio, film or television
  • Organizations seeking support for tours, conferences, workshops or seminars
  • Organizations seeking support for advocacy or public policy research
  • Organizations seeking support for special events, tickets, tables or advertising for fundraising events
  • Organizations seeking seed money or support for start-up projects
  • Organizations seeking support for program-related investments (PRI)
  • Organizations’ local chapters (the Foundations typically fund initiatives at the national/headquarters level)
  • Organizations undergoing leadership transitions or with new leadership in place for less than one year
  • Organizations lacking demonstrable long-term impact on populations served
  • Individuals seeking support (a 501(c)(3) letter is required to receive funding)