Remote Learning

CARES Act Remote Learning Grants FAQs and Technical Assistance

Remote Learning Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available to help you with your application, and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. Technical assistance is not tied to scoring or review but is provided to support you in developing your remote learning program request to address the needs of Kansas students and their families.

Our specific goals with technical assistance are to support you in:

  • understanding the purpose and intent for the Remote Learning Grant funding
  • thinking through your ideas and how you might support remote learners
  • understanding the application questions
  • navigating the online application

Technical assistance support is available from October 1, 2020 – November 20, 2020. In addition, we recommend you view the pre-grant overview webinar and slide deck.


To ask questions about the application and to connect with our technical assistance team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there a minimum or maximum limit on the funds a program can request?

No. The applicant’s proposal and budget must align with the funding request in order to determine the estimated reasonable cost of the program. Current community need and availability of existing programs could also affect funding disbursement.

Does my program need to serve all of the K-6 grades or can we serve a portion of these grades? Will that affect funding?

Your program may choose or need to limit the ages/grades of the youth your program plans to serve. This will not affect your ability to receive funding.

Can these funds be used to purchase technology to support remote learning? I.e. devices for students and staff, internet access, etc.

This funding may use to purchase technology and other devices needed to support remote learning. If your district is proving one to one devices for students, you should include verbiage regarding the need for technology above and beyond this.

My school district is currently providing in-person school, can I still apply for these funds for my program?

If your school is also providing remote and hybrid options for families during in-person school hours and you can show the need for families with limited other options, you may be eligible. Please reach out to the Technical Assistance team if you’d like to share more about your specific situation in advance of submitting and application.

Do home-schools and learning pods qualify for these funds?

These funds support youth enrolled in a K-12 district/school during times of fully-remote and hybrid learning during the school day where families have limited other options or resources to meet their employment obligations. Home-schools or Learning Pods do not qualify.

Are there requirements surrounding how many hours a program must operate per day or week?

Grant applicants must be able to show that their program efforts will support remote student learning and working parents/guardians. You must be able to demonstrate regular operation and consistent availability as well be able to adapt and accommodate to the changing needs of schools, families, and communities. The goal of these funds is to support families and youth throughout the school day during remote learning.

I operate more than one site. How should I fill out the online application?

If you operate more than one physical site or you are applying on behalf of multiple program sites where there is justifiable need, you will need to submit a full application for each physical site including a new budget. This is due to the unique circumstances of each school district in a remote or hybrid learning environment. However, to make it as easy as possible – you can copy your application and then make the unique changes required for each physical facility you will operate.

To copy your application, go to the “My Applications” screen, scroll past the instructions to the “My Applications” section. Any applications you have submitted or in-progress will be listed with a checkbox beside it. Click the checkbox and then click “Copy” (next to the “Start Application” button above your list of applications). A copy will be generated with the same name as your original, appended with “(copy)” at the end. Click on that link to rename the application and make adjustments to your proposal to match that particular facility site and needs.